( )23. John plays football _____, if not better than, David.

A. in that B. in order that C. in case D. even though

( )8. You may arrive in Beijing early _____ you mind taking the night train.


A. However late is he B. However he is late

since的语气比because 弱,比as强,表示间接的,已知的原因,自然的结果,表示“既然,由于”。

While we were working, they were having a rest.

( )22. The piano in the other shop will be _____, but _____.

练 习

在just as ---, so --- 结构中, as 带有比喻含义。 意为“正如”, 多用于正式文体。

The more you read, the more interesting , you will find the novel is .

( )14. The history of nursing __ the history of man.

C. however his works are not widely read D. still his works are not widely read

A. his works are not widely read B. but his works are not widely read

When I arrived home , I had a little rest.

( )7. Bring it nearer _____ I may see it better.

引导目的状语从句的连词有:so that, in order that, lest, in case, for fear that等。

( )24. Although he is considered a great writer,

A. With B. Since C. While D. As


1.though, although不可与but连用,但可以和yet , still连用.

26-30 DBCBD


引导结果状语从句的连词有:so that, so…that, such…that等

( )28. If we work with a strong will, we can overcome any difficulty, _____ great it is.

He sang as he danced.(一面```一面) You will grow wiser as you grow older.(随着)

A. that B. though C. unless D. if

You will not fail if you study hard.

You must speak louder so that/in order that you can be heard by all.

( )3._____ he comes, we won't be able to go.

( )2. I didn' t manage to do it _____ you had explained how.

A. that B. where C. which D. when

A. than B. when C. while D. as

2)As 除了表示“当```的时候”,还可表示为“一面```一面”,“随着”

1.because because语气最强,通常用于回答why 提出的问题

A. because B. so C. if D. as


It is because she is too inexperienced that she does not know how to deal with the situation.

注意点:1)not until…在句首,主句用倒装 Not until you had explained how did I manage to do it.

C. However is he late D. However late he is

( )4. I hurried _____ I wouldn't be late for class.

A. than B. as C. while D. when

( )27. It was not _____ she took off her dark glasses _____ I realized she was a famous film star.

While (they were) having a discussion, they got very confused.

( )16._____ we stood at the top of the building, the people below were hardly visible.

I had hardly/scarcely got home when it began to rain.

( )26.—What was the party like? —Wonderful. It' s years _____ I enjoyed myself so much.

( )6. What's the matter _____ they still haven't answered the telegram?


2. since和as

( )19. The house stood _____ there had been a rock.

引导让步状语从句的连词有:though, although, even if/ though, however, no matter how, no matter what, no matter who等。



11-15 BACDD

A. enough tired to go to bed B. too tired to go to bed

A. when; that B. until; that C. until; when D. when; then

A. Since B. Once C. When D. Although

You may go there ,as long as you keep quite.



2. 引导条件状语从句的其它连词:

Whatever happened, he would not mind.

( )20. Small _____ it is, the pen is a most useful tool.


A. cheaper; not as better B. more cheap; not as better

so 形容词 a/an 单数可数名词 that从句



1.when , while, as都可解释为“当```的时候”但侧重点有所不同。


2.until, not…until表示“直到`才”,在肯定句中主句常用延续性动词;在否定句中常用短暂性动词。

3.Hardly/scarcely…when, no sooner…than, as soon as表示为“一```就```”

He is so young that he can not go to school. He is such a young boy that he can not go to school.

( )5. _____ I catch a cold, I have pain in my back.

( )25. ___ the day went on, the weather got worse.

such修饰名词或名词词组,so修饰形容词或副词,so还可接many, few, much, little等。

答 案


such a/an 形容词 单数可数名词 that从句 such 形容词 复数可数名词/不可数名词 that从句

引导地点状语从句的连词有:where, wherever以及 where构成的复合词等。

Just as some people like sports, so some people like music.

引导原因状语从句的连词有:because, since, as , now that ,considering that, for the reason that , due to the fact that,owing to the fact that等。


If she were not too silly,she would understand.

( )18. _____ David goes, he is welcome.

A. Every time B. Though C. Even D. Where

As/ Since you are not very well, you had better have a rest.

The workers went on working as if nothing had happened.

16-20 ADCDD

A. since B. so that C. as if D. unless

Though/Although it is raining ,they are still running outside.

There are more workers in this factory than in the one next to it .

A. as old as B. is old than C. that is as old as D. is as old as


1.常用句型:so 形容词/副词 that从句

I happened to see your dictionary lie in the lab where I used it last time.(定语从句)

A. until B. unless C. when D. before

肯定句:I waited until midnight. 否定句:I did not leave until midnight.

A. Much B. However C. As D. Although

注意点:在it was…that…的强调结构中,强调原因状语从句可用because引导,不用since,as, for引导。

A. Whichever B. However C. Wherever D. Whatever


引导比较状语从句的连词有:as…as, not so…as, than, the more…the more等。

2) It is not until…that…引导的强调句 It was not until it was dark that he came back.


( )21. After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced cars in 1988 as the year before.

Just do as you are told.

( )30._____, Mother will wait for him to have dinner together.

I shall give you the book on condition that you return it tomorrow.

( )17. Scarcely was George Washington in his teens _____ his father died.


注意点:no matter 疑问词不能引导名词性从句


She found her calculator where she lost it. Wherever I am, I will miss you.

( )13. The child was __ immediately after supper.

A. as; wherever B. though; whenever C. in spite of; when D. that; wherever

1.unless 和if…not unless 相当于if…not

( )9. Helen listened carefully _____ she might discover exactly what she needed.

条件状语从句分为两大类:真实条件句(主将从现)和虚拟条件句(虚拟语气)。引导条件状语从句的连词有:if, even if/though, unless/ if …not, as long as/ so long as, as far as/so far as, provided/providing (that), on condition that 等。条件状语从句中如果主句是将来时,条件状语从句用一般现在时。

( )11._____ hard she tries, she can hardly avoid making mistakes in her homework.

A. after B. when C. before D. since


引导时间状语从句的连词有:when, as, while, until, not…until, before, after, since, the minute, the moment, each( every, next, the first) time等。时间状语从句中一般用一般现在时或一般过去时。

21-25 CCBAD

I will go provided that you go too.

C. cheaper; not as good D. more cheap; not as good

引导方式状语从句的连接词有as, just as, as if / though(一般用虚拟语气, 也有用直陈语气的)等。

( )29. After the war, a new school building was put up _____ there had once been a theatre.


注意点:eg: I happened to see your dictionary lie where I used it last time.(地点状语从句)

如: He speaks English as fluently as his brother (does)

( )1.We'd better hurry ______ it is getting dark.


I had no sooner got home than it began to rain. It began to rain as soon as I got home.

A. what B. how C. however D. whatever

A. Without B. Unless C. Except D. Even

He talked to the girl as though he had fallen in love with her.

( )12. Poor _____ it may be, there is no place like home, _____ you may go.

He doesn’t want to marry her even if/ though he loves her very much.

A. which B. at which C. when D. where

( )10. More people will eat out in restaurants _____ they do today.

6-10 BCCBD

注意:while 有对比的含义,解释为“然而”。eg: I prefer black tee, while he likes coffee.

A. as twice many B. as many twice C. twice as many D. twice many as

A. As B. Although C. Unless D. In spite of

No matter what happened, he would not mind.

( )15. _____ born in Chicago, the author was famous for his stories about New York.

1) When后既可以接短暂性动词,也可以接延续性动词 ,表示从句动作与主句动作同时发生。

2. “no matter 疑问词”或“疑问词 后缀ever”

A.and B. but C. as D. unless


You will fail unless you study hard.

C. so tired that he went to bed D. very tired, he went to bed

A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as



3.even if/ though表示“即使”

I can’t jump so /as high as he (does)

A. when B. that C. though D. however

A. although B. even though C. so that D. since